P2 - B4

Tone quality and intonation

  • Understand how the instrument is tuned and begin to tune it with guidance
  • Continue to develop an awareness of intonation:
    • developing some ability to adjust and effect change
  • Play with a controlled tone with more consistency and dynamic variety

Ask learners to tune to a fixed pitched note given by the teacher.

Explain to learners how the concepts of sharp and flat relate to embouchure and breathing.

Ask learners to experiment with embouchure and breathing in order to discover how to effect change.

Encourage learners to listen and match their intonation and tone quality to that of the teacher, using a range of activities, e.g. long notes, copy-cat games, playing by ear and with notation.

Ask learners to listen to and evaluate the tone quality produced by the teacher, other learners and themselves, analysing how improvements can be made.

Help learners to make audio recordings of their playing as a tool for evaluating their tone, using an audio recording app.

Ask learners to play simple improvisations over backing tracks and accompaniments, paying particular attention to tone quality and intonation.

Show learners various ways of playing simple phrases. Ask them to experiment, using different dynamics.

Use recordings and/or attend live performances in order that learners can hear good models.

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