P1 - B4

Tone quality and intonation

  • Begin to develop an awareness of intonation
  • Develop a controlled tone with some dynamic variety

Demonstrate how lengthening and shortening the instrument affects tuning.

Play to learners and ask them to try to match their intonation to that of the teacher.

Ask learners to make up simple improvisations using a limited range of notes over backing tracks and accompaniments, matching their intonation.

Encourage learners to experiment with bending the sound, e.g. recorder over-blowing and under-blowing, and discuss the musical effect.

Demonstrate good tone quality to learners, or ask a more advanced learner to do so. If possible, use recordings in order that learners can hear other good models.

Ask learners to imitate the teacher’s sound in a range of activities, e.g. long notes, copycat games, playing from ear/notation.

Compare the tone quality produced by the teacher and learners. Discuss the reasons for the difference.

Encourage learners to discover ways of making satisfying and unsatisfying sounds, e.g. play with ‘no’ embouchure control and then with embouchure control.

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