P4 - B1

Posture and freedom of movement

  • Maintain an appropriate balanced and relaxed posture, both sitting and/or standing, developing stamina to play for longer periods of time:
    • holding the instrument with more ease and without tension
    • in a manner which facilitates freedom of movement and the development of a secure technique

Remind learners to maintain an appropriate balanced and relaxed posture.

In warm-ups, introduce learners to longer phrase lengths, incorporating a wider range of notes and dynamics. Ask them to note any effect on posture.

Continue to use long notes in warm-ups, ensuring that learners evaluate their posture and make necessary adjustments.

Use role-play to discuss and demonstrate the effects of good posture in communicating an effective performance.

The teacher/other learners can act as audience.  The aim is to encourage learners to play beyond the music stand. An occasional lesson in a large space can help to encourage projection. Encourage learners to attend live performances where possible, and/or watch live performances online.

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