P2 - B1

Posture and freedom of movement

  • Maintain an appropriate balanced and relaxed posture, both sitting and/or standing:
    • holding the instrument with more ease and without tension
    • in a manner which facilitates freedom of movement and the development of a secure technique

In the course of warm-up exercises, acknowledge good posture. Ask learners to identify and correct poor posture, demonstrated either by the teacher or other learners.

Draw learners’ attention to how different ways of standing or sitting have an effect on musical outcomes.

Encourage learners to play warm-up exercises or pieces by ear in front of a mirror, to observe their posture and note how it affects the musical results.

The aim is to enable learners to support their instruments in a manner that facilitates a musical and technically secure performance.

Help may be found in the Alexander Technique and other methods and exercises.

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