P1 - D1

Work out by ear how to play short, easy phrases or patterns from well-known tunes

Choosing appropriate starting notes, play short, simple tunes with a limited range of notes, e.g. television jingles, folk-tunes, nursery rhymes. Ask learners to select one and explore it away from the instrument by:

  • singing the melody
  • drawing the melodic contour in the air
  • clapping the rhythm

Next, ask learners to work out separate phrases by ear on their instrument, gradually building up the complete tune.

Ask learners to play the complete tune expressively to others.

As an extension activity, ask learners to teach the tune to other learners.

Many learners experiment with tunes they know before starting formal instrumental lessons. If tunes exceed learners’ note range, teach a simple accompaniment or bass line by ear instead and play or sing the tune with them.