P4 - B1

Posture and freedom of movement

  • Maintain an appropriate balanced and relaxed posture, developing stamina to play for longer periods of time

Within the music, ask learners to identify areas that might lead to physical tension. Ask them to suggest strategies to address this, and make decisions about appropriate posture, e.g. maintaining control of the bow in long notes, or remaining relaxed in fast passages.

Learners should be aware of possible tensions arising from musical and technical complexities.

Ask learners to look for convenient points in the music where they can counteract any accumulated tension by consciously relaxing.

Show them various tension and release exercises.

Demonstrate to learners the difference between positive and negative body language when performing.

The aim is to encourage learners to play beyond the music stand. An occasional lesson in a large space can help to encourage projection.

Use role-play to discuss the effects of good posture in communicating an effective performance.

The teacher/other learners can act as audience. Encourage learners to attend live performances where possible, and/or watch live performances online.

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