P2 - B3

Quality of sound and articulation: Right hand

  • Develop a relaxed but firm bow-hold with free right-hand and arm movements
  • Develop some bow control with some awareness of a constant sound point
  • Play pizzicato without tension and play left-hand pizzicato on the open strings

Help learners to:

  • explore different ways of making sounds on the instrument, perhaps linked to accompanying a story
  • discover ways of making satisfying sounds, having an awareness of the science of sound production
  • identify the causes of unsatisfying sounds, with and without the bow

Ask learners to play at different points on the string, both arco and pizzicato, and discriminate between the sounds produced. Describe the differences in the musical effect.

Demonstrate and explain to learners how to:

  • produce an even sound bowed on one string or two strings together
  • play with clarity on one string and when crossing strings using separate bows
  • play staccato and legato and make choices when playing tunes
  • play bow retakes
  • choose and play different dynamics to create an intended expressive effect
  • play pieces requiring both pizzicato and arco (pluck with and without the bow in the hand). Ask learners to imitate, using suitable exercises and pieces.