P2 - A1

Listen to music with concentration and understanding in and out of lessons, enjoying their experiences and building on them

Engage learners in a wide variety of structured listening activities during lessons, continuing to encourage a range of responses as in Programme of Study 1 (e.g. physical, verbal, written or pictorial).

Ask learners to listen with concentration to different pieces of music in their own time and then describe them in the lesson, including aspects of dynamics, instrumentation, character, etc.

Support learners in their own listening by modelling questioning and other exploratory activities during lessons.

Continue to ask learners to share music that they enjoy with other learners.

Encourage learners to discuss their feelings about music they have chosen through questioning, e.g. ‘Why are you drawn to this music?’ ‘Why is this music meaningful to you?’

Referring to the musical elements, ask learners to describe what they liked and disliked about the music they have listened to.