P4 - C2

Compose in different styles, creating and selecting musical ideas by exploring the characteristics of their chosen resources

Ask learners to compose some pieces over an extended period of time in a variety of traditional and contemporary styles. This could include:

  • a solo piece for piano within a given structure, aiming for consistency of style
  • a short piece for an ensemble, including piano
  • a solo piece for piano, possibly evoking moods or feelings, e.g. clouds, pyramids, the evening, rush hour, dreams

Ensure that time is allowed for reviewing progress of compositions. It may be appropriate to select particular times of the year when it is possible to focus more on composing, e.g. in the summer term after examinations. Group compositions can be useful for developing ensemble skills.

Help learners to refine their pieces within the chosen style and idiom.

Rehearsing, interpreting and performing the compositions are essential parts of this process.