P3 - B1

Posture and freedom of movement

  • Maintain physical freedom and ease, without unnecessary tension:
    • across a comfortable range of the instrument, with some awareness of posture, physiology and movement
    • playing with a comfortable and balanced position which ensures flexibility when playing hands separately and together
    • playing with free and confident movement
    • playing with economy of movement when tackling more demanding pianistic passages

Show learners ‘gymnastic’ exercises, e.g. those which encourage simultaneous movements in contrary motion, aiming for a supported and flexible upper body.

These movements could be applied to particular pieces, e.g. Bach’s Musette in D major which requires lateral freedom.

Demonstrate and consolidate a range of physical warm-ups, at and away from the keyboard, to encourage free shoulders, a supported spine, supple wrists, etc.

Encourage learners to use video recordings, mirrors, etc. to check their own posture in between lessons.

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