P1 - B3

Tone quality, sound production and articulation

  • Play with a focused, clear sound:
    • using some dynamic contrast
    • developing some control over changes in dynamics
    • developing an awareness of the need for different dynamic levels in each hand e.g. in melody and accompaniment textures
    • shaping short melodic phrases
  • Play non-legato and legato
  • Explore the effects of both pedals
  • Begin to develop awareness of how different instruments respond differently, e.g. different acoustic pianos, electric pianos etc.

Play and sing very simple phrases with a variety of dynamics and articulations. Ask learners to imitate and to identify the different characteristics used.

Nature or animal images can be useful to explore a range of associated textures and musical characteristics.Both sustaining and una corda pedals could be used to enhance effects.

Demonstrate ‘sound pictures’ and encourage learners to create their own, developing tonal imagination and awareness.

Discuss the fact that the piano used in lessons may ‘feel’ different from the piano a learner practises on at home.

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