P1 - C2

Make use of instrumental skills when beginning to compose

Ask learners to compose short pieces from a given starting point, e.g. a story, poem, theme, picture, or one of the musical techniques suggested in C1. Discuss the outcomes. Initially, this could consist of asking learners to write down their improvisations as an aid to memory, perhaps using their own forms of shorthand as a precursor to staff notation.

Through composing, learners are able to explore the music from the inside. Composing is valid in its own right, but it can also be used to develop performing skills, knowledge and understanding. It may be necessary to score ideas for them since their creative imagination may run ahead of their ability to write down their ideas, at least where staff notation is concerned.

Provide opportunities for learners to perform their compositions to others.

Encourage learners to use the harp in creative activities in the classroom, applying technical skills already acquired.

Productive links with general classroom work should be made wherever possible.