P1 - B4

Tone quality, sound production and damping

  • Create a warm and clear sound:
    • Play with raised thumb (pressing with the outer edge), except for larger intervals
    • Allow notes to resound for their full value before replacing finger(s) on the same notes, avoiding buzzing
    • Damp at the end of a piece with both hands
    • Play with some dynamic contrast and control over changes in dynamics

Play the passages that the learners are working on, showing that by quickly replacing the fingers on the strings, the value of each note is cut short. Replay the same passages, replacing fingers only when needed, to demonstrate how to achieve a legato sound.

Demonstrate how playing the thumb at differing points of the tip produces a different sound. Ask learners to comment on the differences.

Play and sing very simple phrases with a variety of dynamics. Ask learners to imitate and identify the dynamics used.

Nature or animal images can be useful to explore a range of associated textures and musical characteristics. Glissandi could be used to enhance effects.

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