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National Youth Choirs of Great Britain (NYCGB)

NYCGB’s mission is to inspire and empower young people throughout the UK with the life-changing experience of singing together. We are a national champion for youth choral music, standing for artistic excellence, creative diversity, and openness and relevance to all.

To achieve our mission, we run five choirs for the UK’s best young singers aged 9-25, and provide them with outstanding training courses and a national performance platform. We also ensure that hundreds more children each year who aren’t members of NYCGB get the thrill of singing together through open events in schools and communities, and through long-term partnerships with Music Hubs and other regional and national organisations. And we develop and build choral leadership through CPD events for teachers, and our Fellowship programme for aspiring young professionals.

Our national role gives us a uniquely wide opportunity to develop and showcase young people’s talent, and to celebrate great choral music of every time and style. It also brings a unique range of responsibilities: to provide the best possible training, to create the best possible performances, to lead and challenge perceptions of what choral music is, to find new ways of sharing it, and to ensure that as many young people as possible have the chance to be involved.

The ultimate value of what we do is where it leads a young person next. They may discover a new feeling of inclusion, get inspired to explore their solo voice, join a local choir, or join NYCGB. From there they might set out on a professional performing or teaching career, create their own choirs, or music – or take the skills and experiences they have learned to enrich another career or way of life completely. Whenever we meet new young singers, we’re excited to know that more of those futures are about to start.

Rivergreen Centre,
Aykley Heads,
County Durham,