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We pledge to put Talk into Action by developing a meaningful action plan for doing so.

  • We commit to creating an organisational EDI strategy, in as collegiate a way as possible to ensure engagement with people across our organisation, which includes workable plans to achieve our EDI aspirations
  • Understanding that intersectionality is key, we commit to actively being anti-racist and to being an anti-discrimination  organisation. (Anti-discrimination includes, but is not limited to, improving EDI in relation to ableism, homophobia, sexism, genderism and classism.)
  • We commit to mutually supporting the development of our EDI work with other organisations, including schools
  • We commit to challenge behaviours that create barriers to engaging with Music Education
  • We commit to embed EDI into our organisation’s pedagogy and to an inclusive approach to teaching and learning
  • We commit to a decolonial approach to the music we teach and share
  • We pledge to put Talk into Action by developing a meaningful action plan for doing so

We pledge to put Talk into Action across our existing workforce and recruitment processes.

  • We commit to supporting our workforce as an inclusive employer
  • We commit to undertaking workforce training and development relating to EDI
  • We commit to actively recruiting people who are representative of the communities we serve
  • We commit to actively create opportunities for staff to achieve their full potential
  • We commit to inclusive recruitment practices
  • We commit to embedding EDI at all levels of the organisation

We pledge to put Talk into Action in the language we use and communications we share.

  • We commit to using inclusive language and imagery in our comms and marketing
  • We commit to accessible communications (website, marketing materials etc)
  • We commit to amplifying voices that are under-represented in the sector
  • We commit to openly sharing examples of our EDI activity, including successes and challenges, to support the wider sector with our learnings
  • We commit to listening to different voices and perspectives especially regarding sensitive issues

We pledge to put Talk into Action and commit to gathering and sharing data on how we are progressing.

  • We commit to a reflective practice acknowledging EDI work is never finished
  • We commit to set targets for ourselves around our EDI work
  • We commit to gathering relevant data and evaluating our EDI efforts and sharing our findings with the wider Talk into Action network