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Wild About Music: Learning a new tune without notation

Added to website 05/09/2023. Updated 11/09/2023.

This set of videos demonstrates how to teach pupils a new tune without notation. They are suitable for any instrument, level or genre. Activities can be used in individual, small or large groups, including ensembles and whole class.

This set of videos is intended to support a holistic curriculum, such as A Common Approach, and will help to develop aural, creative and ensemble skills. These videos focus on teaching musical material that is unfamiliar to pupils, i.e. they are not concerned with working out a familiar tune by ear. Some of the techniques covered can be used to memorise musical material learnt from notation.

Part 1 covers the teaching of accompaniments, and is designed to be relevant for all instruments and levels:

Part 2 covers teaching the melody, and is designed to be relevant for most instruments and levels:

Part 3 focuses on how to use material learnt without notation creatively:

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Music Wild

Music Wild provides resources and training for instrumental teachers as well as consultancy for Music Hub leads.