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Who Needs Dots? An international level musician’s perspective

Added to website 28/02/2024.

It’s remarkable how different musicians at the highest level have got there. Interestingly, music notation is not common to them, even the classical musicians. It seems that an ear-first approach is common to almost all of our most exceptional musicians.

A range of top names from Bazil Meade MBE of London Community Gospel Choir to Suzi Digby OBE give insights into their evolution as musicians. The range of incredibly talented people include Gospel, Folk, Pop and Classical artists. Their insights make a great contribution to “Career Pathways” and would also be particularly useful for GCSE and A Level music students as well as inspirational for all.

About the Provider

The Maestro Online

Dr Robin Harrison FRSA is a former Director of Music and former Theory and Analysis teacher at the RNCM. He is an academy teacher for the Royal College of Organists and ex No. 1 in a small chart having put jazzy spins on pop songs and released 3 albums.