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A completely free educational website, Mammoth Memory’s music section helps students memorise music terminology through fun images, memorable mnemonics and simple explanations.

Explore a wide array of sounds with our interactive list of musical instruments! From the xylophone to the alphorn, click each image to hear it played.

Solfy is a didactic, interactive solution, AI-based, for SelfSingingSolfege and AutoEvaluation. It can be integrated with traditional educational methods and contents, using it in class for 10 minutes and at home three times a week, 10 minutes each.

Drake Music have various resources to support music education services with their ED&I work.

One of the missions of plainsightSOUND is to rediscover and highlight the long history of contributions that people of African descent have made to classical music performance and study in Britain. This timeline details just a few of those figures.

A website created by Huntington School Music Department, York with a collection of teaching resources that we have written/created, and a blog and a podcast designed to share ideas and reach out to all the one-person Music departments. The aim of the website is to share our thinking, ideas, conversations, and resources. We want to learn from others and we want to support the growing number of one person departments.

A downloadable calendar featuring 31 black composers with link to Spotify playlist.

Available from September 1st, Citizen Artists Kids provides one-of-a-kind interactive learning experience. Each of our programme comes in 5 parts and contains approximately three months of classroom material with unlimited access to the complete programme.

Get Playing

Get Playing is a national campaign which celebrates some of the amazing benefits of musical learning, whilst signposting young learners to their local music hub/service.

An innovative music education programme offering free, easy-to-use, online teaching resources using Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique to engage schoolchildren with classical music through enjoyable and practical activities.