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‘East End Friend’ (Robert Quigley & Alan Cameron) have composed a song called ‘Good Cop Bad Cop’ which references the global conference in Glasgow and highlights issues of climate change which delegates from across the world are tasked in addressing. The song has been made freely available to all schools for young people to listen to and sing along to. Schools may wish to create new verses and a new bridge section while retaining the ‘Good Cop Bad Cop’ chorus, however students may make any new arrangement of the song that they choose.

This Black History resource reflects on music-making among enslaved people in former British colonies in the Southern US and Caribbean. Video, audio files and supporting PDF are all free to download, and designed for secondary educators.

Available from September 1st, Citizen Artists Kids provides one-of-a-kind interactive learning experience. Each of our programme comes in 5 parts and contains approximately three months of classroom material with unlimited access to the complete programme.

Four fun, original songs written specifically for teachers and young children, to support embed the ‘new normal’ routines that the coronavirus has made necessary for young children in schools and settings.

Leading vocal educator in voice pedagogy.

Initiator of the first PGcert and MA for the regulation of singing teaching

Music lessons from Ocarina Workshop bringing Instrumental and Vocal MUSIC to all areas of the Curriculum – for 5 to 14 year olds and their teachers.

Lead call and response sessions for your class or school. Resources to enable you to lead a session with no prior experience – plus additional resources to help you put the workshop in its context, enriching the experience for everyone.

BBC educational campaign to help primary school teachers and parents inspire children to become musicians and see the joys of music-making.

Songs from unison to 4-part harmony including jazz, country, salsa, show, swing, and gospel. CD and photocopiable pages, and each song has a complete rehearsal plan. Music Mark members get 20% off.

We have put together a guide to help you stage a flashmob event – an impromptu quick-fire musical gathering in a public space.