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We are pleased to present our first ever Annual Review for the academic year 2019/20. Read more about what we have been doing over the past academic year for our members and the wider music education sector, and how we plan to continue to support, connect, and influence in future.

Music Mark conducted a quick survey of its English membership music services at the start of October to see how engagement with schools was compared to the start of the 2019/20 academic year. We have published the results and report here.

A Population-Level Analysis of Associations Between School Music Participation and Academic Achievement

2019 research from Martin Guhn, Scott D. Emerson, and Peter Gouzouasis

An inquiry into funding for and access to music education in Wales by the Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee.

This new report from Sound and Music finds a crisis of creativity in music education, risking the future of composing in the UK. The report outlines urgent issues facing teachers and students today, and 21 key recommendations to help combat them.

MusicNet-EAST Changing Tunes year 1 delivery partners present their projects to the National Music Services Working Group on Inclusion.

Research by Youth Music in collaboration with Birmingham City University.

The Music Commission’s final report has been published, an 18-month expert inquiry into music education, established by ABRSM and Arts Council England.

A new toolkit to better understand and develop social impact, led by World Pencil, soundLINCS, Brighter Sound and musinc, with supported from Youth Music.

Find the latest Music Mark consultation as well as research from Sussex University and Ofsted presented at the Music Mark Annual Conference 2018.