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A downloadable calendar featuring 31 black composers with link to Spotify playlist.

Music lessons from Ocarina Workshop bringing Instrumental and Vocal MUSIC to all areas of the Curriculum – for 5 to 14 year olds and their teachers.

A diverse library of pieces to inspire students in their composing activities. Find a range of styles, composers and genres to listen to, with useful insights, information and thought-provoking questions.

A classroom arrangement that will introduce your pupils to jazz, blues and swing music.

A new suite of short pieces for winds that would be ideal for young players at grade 4 or 5.

A new range of musicals for Primary schools available as hard-copy or download.

A singing initiative for peace which has been created to bring people together in their local communities to sing for unity and peace on International Peace Day, September 21 – and is perfect for schools

Original jazz, string and vocal compositions written for KS2 to adults.