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Every Copy Counts supports primary and secondary schools to learn about the licence and its benefits for students, and helps teachers to submit data each year.

As Music Education Providers develop their online offers at speed, Music Education Consultant Abi D’Amore hosts a Music Mark Members Webinar with presentations from Viki Smith (PMLL), Kerryn Hill (PRS) and Anthony Yarde (PRS). Exploring the specific challenges around licensing in the new online teaching space is increasingly vital to Music Education Providers due to the Coronavirus Lockdown. This session consists of talks from the panellists followed by a Q&A with the session participants. This Music Mark Members Webinar was hosted live on 12th May 2020

The Music Service Licence (MSL) enables music services to legally make copies of sheet music and arrangements, and ensures that composers and writers whose music is used under the licence are correctly paid. It helps music hubs and services make the best use of printed music resources whilst ensuring that they are copyright compliant.