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Curricula & lesson plans

A handout or wall chart featuring graphics and text which outlines the similarities and differences that exist between common scales. Some free material available.

Free online video, with step-by-step instruction on teaching an exciting taiko composition.

A new range of musicals for Primary schools available as hard-copy or download.

A singing initiative for peace which has been created to bring people together in their local communities to sing for unity and peace on International Peace Day, September 21 – and is perfect for schools

BYMT is proud to offer the online resources for BAND ON THE RUN

Thirteen tunes in a variety of styles, with lyrics, actions and space for improvisation and copy-backs. Starting with simple 1-2 note tunes, and moving on to 4-5 note tunes, this book will aid creative music making and progression.

Shakespeare Week is a national annual celebration giving primary school aged children opportunities for enriching and enjoyable early encounters with Shakespeare. This year’s theme is Shakespeare and music.

Musical creativity gives powerful, validating, multi-sensory & kinaesthetic experiences to children with SEN. ABC Music for SEN helps you make these experiences available to all your children, everyday, involving all your staff.

The BBC’s Ten Pieces is an ambitious initiative for school pupils, which aims to open up the world of classical music by using ten pieces as a spring-board for creativity.

Music Made provides activities, resources, advice and training for primary school teachers to create a systematic, progressive and topic related music scheme.