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Curricula & lesson plans

Revision guides for all GCSE Music topics including elements of music, music appreciation, classical orchestral, dance, contemporary and world music. Covers AQA, Edexcel, Eduqas and OCR.

BBC educational campaign to help primary school teachers and parents inspire children to become musicians and see the joys of music-making.

This e-book contains simple, easy-to-use composition tasks for learners of all experiences.

From the authors of the award-winning Fiddle Time series, String Time Christmas is the perfect resource for beginner string groups of all sizes. This exciting collection provides a fantastic range of flexible ensemble material for the festive season.

A free course introducing the history and key technical features of the blues.

Award-winning online composition courses to inspire and engage students in writing their own music. Courses include exemplar listening material, video content and other interactive features.

A diverse library of pieces to inspire students in their composing activities. Find a range of styles, composers and genres to listen to, with useful insights, information and thought-provoking questions.

Create and Sing is a FREE dramatic singing programme for primary schools with classroom films, lesson plans and resources to use in ways that suit the needs of the teachers and their students.

A free, open access online course that introduces concepts of music notation and how to follow a score.

A free online open access music theory course taking the learner from complete beginner to around to grade 3.