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A digitised copy of Reaching Out: Music Education with ‘hard to reach’ young people (2013)

Digitised PDF copies of NAME publications (National Association of Music Educators), available for Members of Music Mark.

Download these inspiring FREE posters for your classroom, from NST – a leading UK music tour provider Posters cover topics such as songwriting tips, musical dynamics and creating a positive classroom environment.

The ISM Trust recently launched Play: A psychological toolkit for optimal music performancePlay is an essential hands-on guide to help musicians manage performance anxiety and reach their full musical potential.

High quality music education can start children on a journey that lasts a lifetime. This book gives beginning primary school teachers clear guidance on how to successfully teach music without recourse to specialised training.

Thirteen tunes in a variety of styles, with lyrics, actions and space for improvisation and copy-backs. Starting with simple 1-2 note tunes, and moving on to 4-5 note tunes, this book will aid creative music making and progression.

In the Gap! is an exciting new resource designed to allow teachers to introduce basic improvisation and creative music into their lessons

At Musicroom, we’re passionate about the value of teaching and learning and we know there’s no better place to start or continue a musical journey than among inspiring teachers, proud parents and supportive friends. That’s why we’ve made finding sheet music and resources as easy as possible.

This easily accessible book will help you to realise that everyone can be a creative music-maker with young children. Create a musically rich environment that supports all areas of learning and development and at the same time celebrate music for music’s sake.