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TryBooking Answers Your Questions About Online Ticketing Software

Added to website 06/06/2024. Updated 10/06/2024.

TryBooking has been supporting schools and music services since 2014 with easy online ticketing and bookings for concerts and performances. We have compiled a list of answers to questions from Music Mark Member in this handy guide.

Q: What are the fees, for us and our customers?
A: Our fees are low and transparent. For free events there is no charge, all features are free to use!
For paid events we charge 5% Processing Fee and 15p per ticket. These can either be absorbed by the event organiser or passed onto the customer. Alternatively, you can absorb one and pass on the other – there are so many options. We also have the option to integrate your Stripe account if you have one. In that instance we charge 75p per ticket + your stripe fees. Full details here.

Q: How easy and accessible is it for guests to book tickets on a mobile Phone? Is there an app?
A: TryBooking are proud to be a fully accessible platform. While we have apps for event organisers to scan tickets and provide an on the door box office, any attendees who want to book tickets can use the unique event link which is fully responsive to both desktop and mobile.

Q: How do I set up an event?
A: Setting up an event with TryBooking couldn’t be easier. Our event set up wizard helps you get up and running in a matter of minutes. Check out our Learning Centre for lots of helpful guides on how to get started. If you are looking for further support our UK based customer service team are on hand to help you, call 0333 344 3477 or email

Q: Can you specify a location on the event?
A: Yes! With TryBooking you can add event locations, whether that be at a physical location or online. The interactive map feature also allows you to show your location on a map for customers to view. For online events, you can also add the meeting details and passwords so these are sent to guests in their confirmation email.

Q: Is it possible to include information about the events?
A: Absolutely! When setting up your event you have the option to add as much information, in whichever format you wish. That can be information on performers or musicians or anything else important to the event. Information can also be sent directly to the event attendees via automated follow up emails.

Q: Can we customise the questions we ask from people who sign up?
A: Yes you can add as many custom questions or fields as you require. There are already multiple pre-set questions available to add quickly or create your own. These custom fields can also be reported on from our comprehensive reporting suite.

Q: How do we communicate with those who have booked/purchased tickets?
A: We automatically send a booking confirmation email to all purchasers once a booking is complete, this includes all tickets and receipts. If you want to send more information to purchasers, you have the opportunity to create automated follow up e-mails for your attendees. These often include further important information regarding the event, or email reminders can be sent ahead of an event. Alternatively, attendee email addresses can be exported to be contacted directly. You decide which option you prefer.

Q: What is the platform’s reporting capabilities?
A: TryBooking has a sophisticated reporting suite with over 40 real time reports. With a number of pre-configured reports for popular queries, such as revenue, attendee lists, box office sales, void tickets, wait list, donations, plus multiple marketing reports. If these aren’t what you are looking for, or, you have added custom fields to the booking page, you can build as many custom reports as you need. Should you need some help getting the information or building a report our UK customer service team are on hand to help you.

Q: If you hold the same event multiple times throughout the year, are you able to duplicate events?
A: Yes! When you log onto the system to create an event, you have the option to create an event or clone a past event. You have access to edit any field in the event while transferring over all the information and set up to your new event.

Q: What is your refund policy if an event is cancelled? Are booking fees refunded?
A: You are in control of setting your own Terms and Conditions and managing any refunds. Should an attendee cancel their ticket and request a refund the processing fee will also be refunded. For full information on our payment terms it is best to review our terms and conditions.

Q: Can I add colleagues to my account?
A: Yes! You can add ‘Team Members’ to your account and give different levels of access depending on what roles you want them to perform and to protect account security. including Finance Users, Basic Users and Power Users.

Q: Are you able to work with the finance departments of county councils?
A: Yes, TryBooking as a platform allows you to collaborate across multiple departments. With flexible reporting, fund withdrawal options and UK support. We help you work with all of your key stakeholders.

Q: Where is the data held and is TryBooking GDPR compliant?
A: All data, whether that being of the event organisers, or the event attendees is held solely in the UK via AWS. We are fully GDPR compliant, and our policies and procedures mean that event organisers can rest assured that TryBooking makes it easy for event organisers to comply with UK GDPR. TryBooking is the data processor of all your ticket purchaser data, you are the data controller, all policies here on our website.

Q: Does TryBooking enable Seating plans for different venues?
A: Yes! TryBooking enables you to create a bespoke seating for any shape or size of venue. We also have a Seats Holds feature that allows you to reserve specific seats for your guests and VIPs to book with ease. Check out our Demo here which showcase both Seating Plans and Seat Holds feature.

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