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Tido Music app – Access Trinity’s Singing 2018-2021 repertoire

Tido Music is an all-in-one resource and learning tool for musicians of all abilities that provides interactive scores of piano and singing repertoire along with guidance, support and content from the music publishers and performers. Tido has an app for iPad and web browsers.

All the songs published in Trinity’s 2018-2021 Singing books (Initial-Grade 8) are available within the Tido app.

By subscribing to the app singers can:
• Sing along to the professionally recorded piano accompaniments
• Follow the sheet music with automatic page turning
• Annotate the sheet music within the app*
• Speed up and slow down the tempo
• Use a metronome to keep in time*
• Access Trinity’s pronunciation guides for each song
• Read Trinity’s teaching notes for each song

*Only available in the iPad version

Next Step

You can subscribe to a free 30-day trial of to explore this exciting range of repertoire, and discover all other sheet music and practice tools available on the Tido Music app.

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