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Teach Through Music

Key Stage 3 music is an important cultural entitlement for all young people. However, Ofsted reports repeatedly highlight problems in the teaching of music in schools, particularly at Key Stage 3. Teachers report that whole school policies, including a lack of priority for music, mean they often find themselves unable to teach, engage and inspire young people in musical learning as they would wish to.

Teach Through Music was a year-long professional development programme (2014-15) that set out to address problems of teacher isolation and enhance subject specific pedagogy in KS3 music. The programme was devised and delivered by a ‘world class partnership’ of music and education organisations that joined forces in support of KS3 music, and over 230 teachers, musicians and other educators from 28 boroughs and 99 London schools took part. All signed up to a shared ethos that music should be the ‘dominant language’ of the KS3 classroom, with teachers and pupils being empowered through creative ownership.

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