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Workforce Development

A simple visual resource to help you reflect on your unconscious bias and consider ways you might become more actively anti-racist.

Rewatch the three training sessions from our first CPD Day in September.

From Microagressions to Racial Trauma these infographics, created by Grace Manisha-Owusu, explain key terms and issues to be aware of as part of your anti-racist work.

Music Mark is delighted to offer an enhanced variety of training and resources to help support the development of Music Education Hubs through two programmes – Underpinning Hubs for the Future and the Workforce Development Programme.

Information about the sessions from our previous and upcoming termly CPD Days, including links to recordings of previous sessions for Music Mark members.

Recordings and resources from our webinar series with Musicians Without Borders.

ReadThis is a useful resource for members in supporting professional practice and development by combining case studies and top-tips for teaching and learning.

Watch the three training sessions from our April 2021 CPD Day.

A series of webinars to support understanding and implementing each area of the Talk into Action pledge.

The Improvise Approach is an exciting way of providing creative music-making opportunities for people with special needs.