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Supporting musical progression

The Musical Progressions Roundtable (MPR) is a network of organisations and individuals involved in music education from across the UK, with nearly 300 participants to date. Together we have been looking at how we can most effectively support all children and young people’s musical progression, enabling them to fulfil their potential, whatever kind of music they make and whatever background they’re from.

The MPR is an open forum for generating ideas and exploring complex issues and is focussed on action.

We have been taking a hard look at progression (principally in music but also across all the arts and more broadly) – asking what progression is, asking about progression towards what, and taking apart some of the ways in which education and learning happen – some of the ‘how’s of supporting progression.

Visit the MPR website to find out what we’ve learned so far and to access reports and resources covering MPR discussion topics including:

  • The common barriers for musical progression journeys
  • Understanding achievement in musical progression
  • The ingredients needed in an environment for progression

Good Questions is a place for building social learning environments, where people assess their knowledge, understanding and skills together and learn from each other’s experiences and ideas. Tools on Good Questions enable people to take ideas and apply them to change what they do.

The tools:

Musical progression: discovering experiences and providing opportunities
For organisations and individuals, working together with young musicians, to look at how they provide opportunities and support learners to discover and make their own inspiring experiences.

Musical progression: professional development and leadership
For organisations and individuals, working together, to look at how they support professional learning, leadership, coordination and collaboration.

Musical progression: children and young people leading their own learning
For organisations and individuals, working together, to improve how they support children and young people to lead their own musical progression learning journeys.

How can music make my child successful?
What can music do to help children and young people’s success in life?

Making environments for progression
How could you work with other people (perhaps colleagues, local schools, other organisations, parents, children) to create environments in which all children’s potential might be fulfilled? And what would you need in place to be able to do this – resources, skills, mind-sets…

The The Musical Progressions Roundtable (MPR) was initiated in 2009 by Awards for Young Musicians, Help Musicians UK and Youth Music. Since 2012 it has been hosted by Awards for Young Musicians ( and Ben Sandbrook ( with funding from Youth Music.

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