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Solfy: Promoting Singing and Music Literacy in Primary Schools

A teacher benefits from progressively organized lessons; ready to use and accessible from any place and time teaching and practicing materials in class and outside the class; enjoyable musical accompaniments; the possibility to follow (visually) the dynamic cursor on the screen synchronized with the heard or sung sound; option to assign individual and personalized solfege practice for students; the opportunity to monitor and coordinate remotely, asynchronous the students’ activities; new possibilities to extend the basis for promoting music creativity and for improving the class management.

In addition, students benefit from easily accessible solfege practice at home, guided by the Program’s AI; options to review and enhance previous works; auto evaluation; musical prizes in the form of enjoyable accompaniments. Using the Program at home for individual practice, several times a week, each time, approximately 10 minutes, can benefit the educational system/s with countless hours of guided music practice.

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About the Provider


Solfy is a didactic, interactive solution, AI-based, for SelfSingingSolfege and AutoEvaluation. It can be integrated with traditional educational methods and contents, using it in class for 10 minutes and at home three times a week, 10 minutes each.