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S!ng Series of Songbooks for assemblies, group singing, concerts and developing choirs

The fabulous new S!ng™ Series from Out of the Ark Music is designed to get your school singing about almost anything and everything! Each book contains ideas and tips on how to get going, a few vocal warm-ups to prepare voices and a whole mixture of irresistibly singable songs, featuring opportunities for rounds, harmonies and group- singing. Perfect for assemblies, group singing and developing choirs.

9 titles to choose from
S!ng A Joyful Assembly
S!ng Celebration
S!ng Christmas
S!ng Easter
S!ng Harvest
S!ng Sensational
S!ng Something Silly
S!ng Together
S!ng Warm-ups

What’s Included:

Teachers Book with:

  • A quick glance chart providing overviews and singing tips for each song and information on vocal ranges, keys, musical elements and subjects covered
  • 3 Vocal warm-ups – to prepare voices with legato singing, breath technique and simple harmonies
  • Music score and song lyric sheets for 16 songs & 3 vocal warm-ups (Piano music score, melody and chords)
  • Sing™ Warm-ups (includes 30 warms ups)

Audio CD with:

  • Vocal tracks sung by children
  • Professional backing tracks

Words on Screen™ CD ROM for use in a computer with:

  • Words on Screen™ versions of songs so that you can display song lyrics on any whiteboard or screen. The lyrics synchronize with the music as it plays making them easy to teach and easy to learn
  • Extractable MP3s, printable lyrics and scores
  • Enhanced operation features including ‘double-click’ to hear and teach a single line

Words on Screen™ Online with:

  • An online copy of your product to stream or download on-the-go
  • Flexibility to create an expandable library of Words on Screen™ song collections, nativities and musicals in your Out of the Ark online account
  • All the features of your Words on Screen™  CD ROM

Next Step

Ages 5 – 11

Book & Audio CD: £24.95
Book, Audio CD & Words on Screen™ CD ROM with eSongbook: £42.95

Words on Screen™ eSongbook only £42.95 (online only) £42.95

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About the Provider

Out of the Ark Music

Out of the Ark Music is the country’s leading publisher of songs in primary education and has been providing primary-school and early-years settings with the very best singing resources for nearly 30 years. We are absolutely committed to empowering and enabling ALL teachers to use songs in their teaching and beyond, by producing top-quality songs and resources that are thought-provoking, relevant, fun to sing and that reinforce self-worth and significance. All songs and resources are accessible through our bespoke Words on Screen ™ software, making it easy for any teacher, regardless of music ability, to teach, use and perform songs.