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Singing Circles

An ebook by Sue Nicholls consisting of singing activities for scrunchies, lycra sheets and parachutes.

Sue Nicholls kindly offers Music Mark Members the opportunity to download her ebook consisting of songs to promote language acquisition and develop social play in the EYFS.

This book began as a ‘Music and Drama Expo’ seminar in 2019, offering songs to promote language acquisition and encourage social play, focusing on the particular characteristics of ‘Scrunchies’ (stretchy fabric rings), Lycra sheets and parachutes. However, realising that there was a demand for more of this kind of material, the original collection has been expanded to become a book… songs for story-building and word-play… songs for actions and dance… songs to entertain and amuse!

About the Provider

Sue Nicholls

Sue Nicholls worked as a music subject leader in many primary settings during her career as a teacher. She has published several music resource books for non-specialists for A&C Black and OUP and contributed material to many other publications. Sue now works as an independent music education consultant leading workshops and courses for schools and music hubs.