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Resources and Tools from Music Mark Annual Conference 2017

Music Mark 2017 Conference Programme

Delegate list – Music Mark Annual Conference 2017

Music Mark Next Steps – Bridget Whyte, Music Mark CEO

Whole Class Ensemble Teaching Report

Breakout 1

The Music Commission

Sing Up 10 years on

Gifted and Talented: Enriching, Extending & Accelerating learning for promising young musicians

Breakout 2

Band on the Run – an inclusive approach to progression from WCET

Excellence in First Access: A new National Training Programme for WCET teachers

Sing Up: Progression in singing – singing strategies that plan for change to happen

Sarah Upjohn: Injury Prevention and Health Promotion in Young Musicians

Breakout 3

Progression and drop out in instrumental music: causes and remedies

Connect: Resound – delivering music education online

Orchestras Live: Letting Go: Putting young people, including those with additional needs, in control of their music experiences.

Artsmark Award – Opportunities for Music Education Hubs

BWB: Governance, Becoming independent, leaving the LA_

Breakout 4

Friday Afternoons: New approaches to composing in the classroom

BYMT and Making Music: Music Education Hubs supporting Adult Music Activities

Breakout 6

The Singing Project with Looked After Children

Sing Up Foundation – Singing for SEND and Wellbeing for young people

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