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Research supporting the teaching, learning & development of music education

Explore case studies drawn from a wide range of contexts, including school classrooms, early years settings and community locations.

An independent review of music education in schools commissioned by the Paul Hamlin Foundation. The review looked at challenges in music teaching and work being undertaken to improve practice.

Listen Imagine Compose investigates how composing is taught and learned in secondary schools and draws on the expertise of teachers and their pupils, composers, music education academics and arts organisations.

The impact of the London Music Fund is inspiring; the Scholarship programme provides sustained and progressive tuition over four years, specifically to children from low-income families.

Research by Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln, to identify ways to support young parents in challenging circumstances to participate in social interaction with other young parents and their babies and toddlers through musical activities.

Evidence of the impact of music education – all in one place. We collect, summarise and share the latest research and evidence, to make it easier for everyone who cares about music education to understand the benefits and advocate them.

Qualitative action research project by Nottingham Trent University that explores the contribution of music intervention programmes for children in challenging circumstances, and specifically those working with a Youth Justice Intervention Team.

Following a series of consultations involving its members over a 3 week period, Music Mark has produced this Consultation Paper to inform the Department of Education’s (DfE) Expert Panel for the development of a Model Music Curriculum.

A report assesses the access which children and young people have to music education that will enable them to fulfill their individual musical potential.