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Research supporting the teaching, learning & development of music education

A case for the removal of cisgendered expectations in Western classical singing, and the creation of trans-positive singing spaces.

Music Mark shares its October 2018 consultation of its members on the future of the National Plan for Music Education, pulled together by Music Mark Trustee Maureen Hanke.

A practical toolkit of inclusive approaches for music making with deaf and hearing impaired children and young people. Developed by soundLINCS, it contains information, activities, advice and resources to support inclusive music delivery.

Report produced by Roundhouse on how to include young people on your board and in your decision making processes

An inquiry into funding for and access to music education in Wales by the Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee.

A new toolkit to better understand and develop social impact, led by World Pencil, soundLINCS, Brighter Sound and musinc, with supported from Youth Music.

Research by York St John University that articulates the findings of an investigation focused on the efficacy of a training initiative which sought a greater understanding of music, and its value as a resource and intervention for Children’s Services

In Harmony aims to inspire and transform the lives of children in deprived communities, through the power and disciplines of ensemble music-making

New report reveals positive impacts of In Harmony Liverpool on Early Years Education.

Report of the findings from OHMI Teaching Pilot and recommendations for both policy and practice.