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Primary Education

Resources to support music education within primary provision

Sign up as a Sing Up Friend for free access to 10 songs from our fantastic Song Bank, plus a selection of resources in our Teaching Tools Knowledge Hub.

This booklet summarises the 10 key benefits of music, from recognition within the ‘National Plan for Music Education ‘ that music is an educational building block through to the inclusive nature of music irrespective of abilities.

English Ocarinas were introduced to UK schools from 1983 and are specifically designed for Whole-class Music in modern classrooms.

These free resources offer a progression pathway for instrumental music lessons and singing throughout the primary years and into secondary. They clarify the place of ocarina-playing within the music curriculum and model the ocarina’s effective use in whole-class lessons.

Six songs, bursting with musical integrity, that can be used individually or as a complete 30-minute lesson-resource.

A new way to teach creative music in Primary schools through your interactive whiteboard. Child-friendly activities guarantee clear musical outcomes, but give children control, creating real ownership and achievement.

Music lessons from Ocarina Workshop bringing Instrumental and Vocal MUSIC to all areas of the Curriculum – for 5 to 14 year olds and their teachers.

Musical engagement, games, songs, activities, dancing and instrumental play for young children.

An Easter Holiday Activity – Shared by Leverstock Green CE Primary