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Music Technology

Resources to support music education through technology

MusicFirst is all about engaging your students in music using technology in and out of the classroom with affordable, accessible and easy to use software and resources.

The MusicFirst Lighthouse Programme brings together a select group of organisations who use MusicFirst to showcase their adoption of cloud-based technology and passion for giving every student the opportunity to learn, create, share, and engage in the love of music.

MyMusicPB is an online, interactive Music Practice Book free for teachers. Linked to an instrumental/vocal teacher’s account, MyMusicPB will support efficient teaching, keep parents more informed and students engaged, leading to more practice, progress and enjoyment.

Our ‘Teaching Music with iPads’ training programmes provide everything educators need to deliver high-impact composition and performance with pupils aged 7+ in mainstream and ALN/SEND settings.

The Improvise Approach is an exciting way of providing creative music-making opportunities for people with special needs.