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Music Technology

Resources to support music education through technology

Digital resources and tools to supporting students with their music learning.

Access links shared by the Drake Music session the Music Excellence London Inspire Event, incorporating a mix of live sampling/sound capture and composition using iPads and Apps

A report spells out how digital technology could revolutionise the way schools provide music tuition in rural areas.

Find out more about Digital Innovation in Music Education, sign up to join the alliance, and find resources to support your work and engage with digital technologies in music.

Discounts available on tried and tested DJ equipment nationwide for educational or youth organisations.

Downloadable information, quiz questions, wordsearch etc all relating to DJing.

Step by step student worksheets and teacher aids that support AQA Unit Award Scheme accreditations.

Clod Ensemble’s Ear Opener is a learning programme which supports music creators. They create digital resources, facilitate in-person composition workshops with music students, work with teachers to develop their composition teaching skills, and advocate for the role of music in our lives.

A selection of DJ tutorial videos for teachers.

Keynote speech and performance using MiMu gloves from singer, songwriter and music technologist Kris Halpin from Music Mark Annual Conference in Brighton, 2021.