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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The third paper in Voices Foundation’s ongoing series of briefing reports is The Benefits of Music Activity for Disadvantaged Children. Participation in music activities can be extremely beneficial in terms of providing disadvantaged children with an accessible learning environment while also supporting their language and communication skills.

A short guide for tutors on how to incorporate the ideas surrounding inclusion into their lessons and teaching.

Resources from our online sessions curated by Nate Holder of Why Music, exploring rap, hip hop, blues, Steel Pan, and Islam & music.

A database of over 400 pieces of music written and recorded by composers and performers of Black African descent who were active before 1970.

Explore a wide array of sounds with our interactive list of musical instruments! From the xylophone to the alphorn, click each image to hear it played.

One of the missions of plainsightSOUND is to rediscover and highlight the long history of contributions that people of African descent have made to classical music performance and study in Britain. This timeline details just a few of those figures.

Find out how to use the Youth Music EDI tools to take action on inclusion. A film by Changing Tracks, the inclusion support programme for music services.

This resource, written by Sam Stimpson, provides information and advice on the expectation of Arts Council England when it comes to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

31 days of inspiring music by female composers. Free calendar to download and A2 poster available to order.

Interviews with members of the Solihull Music Service team explaining their personal journeys in to inclusive music education. Produced by Anita Holford.