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Printed Music Licensing Limited

Printed Music Licensing Limited (PMLL) represents the rights of music publishers. On their behalf, PMLL issues licences to allow the photocopying and arranging of sheet music as part of education and beyond.

Recording of our online Q&A session with Viki Smith, General Manager and Abigail D’Amore of the Printed Music Licensing Limited.

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Viki Smith, General Manager of Printed Music Licensing Limited, and Abigail D’Amore lead this Q&A session covering the Music Service Licence and the School’s Printed Music Licence.

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The Music Service Licence (MSL) enables music services to legally make copies of sheet music and arrangements, and ensures that composers and writers whose music is used under the licence are correctly paid. It helps music hubs and services make the best use of printed music resources whilst ensuring that they are copyright compliant.

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