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Play: A psychological toolkit for optimal music performance

The ISM Trust recently launched Play: A psychological toolkit for optimal music performance. Play is an essential hands-on guide to help musicians manage performance anxiety and reach their full musical potential. Written by two experts in the field of performance psychology, Gregory Daubney, CPsychol, MSc and Dr Alison Daubney PhD, the toolkit draws on significant psychological and philosophical research across music and sport. Available as a limited edition book or an e-book, Play is packed with approachable practical strategies to help musicians overcome common psychological obstacles and optimise their musical performances.



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Find out more and download the e-book for £5 (members’ price £4) at

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ISM Trust

The ISM Trust, the Incorporated Society of Musicians’ (ISM) sister charity, was created in 2014 to advance education, the arts and to promote health. We are dedicated to creating pioneering resources to support music and those who work in the sector.