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Out of the Ark Music Workshops – Outstanding CPD Training

Out of the Ark Music provide award-winning singing resources to over 18,000 primary school and early years settings across the U.K.  We now offer outstanding CPD training aimed at every teacher in every school.

There are currently 4 workshops to choose from.  These can be delivered directly to schools or via Music Hubs’ conferences or events.

Each workshop has been carefully designed to spark creativity and imagination, and to build the skills necessary to allow ANY teacher to confidently use songs to support the music and general curriculums.

Our workshop leaders are all education professionals and singing/music specialists, with a wealth of experience in developing and delivering singing in schools, classrooms, music services, and PGCE and SCITT training.

Our workshops include:

  • A great selection of FREE resources, including: lesson plans to start teaching right away, access to up to 3 FREE songs to use throughout the school, inspiring cross-curricular ideas to energize learning across the curriculum, music activities that help link songs to the National Curriculum for Music, a clear and helpful glossary of musical terms, as well as a discount voucher for a future purchase.
  • A basic introduction to Words on Screen™, our fabulous new teaching tool. The lyrics synchronize with the music, making songs easy to teach and easy to learn, even if you have no previous musical experience.


“It was so good to receive inspiration from an expert. I am not a musician, though am thrilled by music and am grateful for transferable ideas and the reasoning behind the practice” – Class Teacher

“Love it! Would use these ideas in any situation” – Music Coordinator and Teacher


This workshop will show you how to use singing as the basis for delivering the National Curriculum for Music and get more than you ever thought possible from your favourite songs.

This session will help you think outside the box and spark creativity and imagination in and out of the classroom. You will leave feeling confident teaching, using and ‘unpacking’ songs, and able to relate a song to the curriculum, both music and general; along with a comprehensive list of song resources and the expertise to apply them flexibly to support learning

You will receive clear guidance on:

  • How to unpack any song and make it the springboard for a fun, fresh and imaginative learning journey, relevant to any subject.

Perfect for: Teachers of Key Stage 1 & 2 (ages 5–11)

Duration: 90 minutes



Grounded in solid research, this workshop is aimed at every teacher in every school. You will learn how to use music to support curriculum areas from phonics and literacy to numeracy; promote well-being and team spirit through whole-school singing; and influence mood/ attention in the classroom.

You will receive clear guidance on:

  • How active engagement with singing can have an enormous impact on pupils’ intellectual, social and personal development.
  • How whole-school singing, especially in assemblies, can promote team spirit and create a collaborative learning environment.

Perfect for: Teachers of Key Stage 1 & 2 (ages 5–11)

Duration: 180 minutes (full session) or 120 minutes (a cut-down version, covering the same areas but in less detail)



Whether on a sports field or stage, a theatre or the concert hall, footballers, tennis stars, actors and musicians all understand the vital importance of warming up to achieve top performance. The muscles and soft tissues that are involved in singing are delicate but, with a properly-organised and focused warm-up that treats them with a little bit of TLC, they are capable of achieving amazing things! This workshop will show you some essential easy-to-use techniques that will develop and protect young voices and get you and your kids singing better and for longer.

You will receive clear guidance on:

  • A comprehensive 7-step plan to get young voices warmed-up and ready to sing.
  • Great, fun ‘vocal stories’ to help you and your kids remember the steps to a winning warm-up, and in the right order.
  • An introduction to the S!ng™ Warm-ups book, and clear advice on how best to incorporate these great songs into your warm-up routine.

Perfect for: Teachers of Key Stage 1 & 2 (ages 5–11)

Duration: 45 minutes



There is much research available to show that music and speech share many of the same processing systems, and that active engagement with music aids the brain’s early encoding of linguistic sounds. Phonemic awareness, speech processing, reading comprehension, recall of verbal information – all have been shown to benefit from musical training. This workshop is an essential guide to using music and singing to develop phonics and literacy in Early Years and Key Stage 1 (ages 3–7).

You will receive clear guidance on:

  • A comprehensive guide to using music to enhance the teaching and learning of phonics and literacy.
  • Developing listening skills and phonological awareness; relationship between sounds and symbols; rhythm and rhyme; alliteration, oral blending and segmenting.
  • Literacy elements: alphabet; vocabulary development; feature of language (onomatopoeia, verbs, homophones, etc.)
  • Creativity in language and story-telling.
  • A fantastic ‘Activities Chest’: loads of great, easy-to-follow lesson activities full of great tips and ideas.

Perfect for: Teachers of Early Years & Key Stage 1 (ages 3–7)

Duration: 90 minutes



Next Step

Further information about each workshop can be found at

For more information or to book an Out of the Ark Music Workshop for your school, academy chain or Music Hub (UK ONLY), please contact Anna Edwards Tel: 0208 481 7200 (option 3 for marketing).

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About the Provider

Out of the Ark Music

Out of the Ark Music is the country’s leading publisher of songs in primary education and has been providing primary-school and early-years settings with the very best singing resources for nearly 30 years. We are absolutely committed to empowering and enabling ALL teachers to use songs in their teaching and beyond, by producing top-quality songs and resources that are thought-provoking, relevant, fun to sing and that reinforce self-worth and significance. All songs and resources are accessible through our bespoke Words on Screen ™ software, making it easy for any teacher, regardless of music ability, to teach, use and perform songs.