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Online Music Exams and personal music hub accreditations

Added to website 18/08/2020. Updated 07/09/2023.

A platform that can be used by teachers, schools, hubs and organisations for their music students. Get your courses government accredited and exams taken online with us.

We are a not for profit music education platform that has teamed up with OFQUAL awarding body TLM to provide schools, music hubs, teachers and music organisations the opportunity to take advantage of online technology with us. We can help to accredit your music courses and provide the exams to these courses completely online up to level 3 diploma or grade 8. We take care of the examiners, the moderators, course content advice and all examination logistics.


  • Reduced costs of learning and gaining a qualification for your students.
  • Reduced administration work for organising exams.
  • Have your name as the educational entity on your students’ accredited certificates.
  • Create courses more in line with what you feel is really needed for your students.
  • Students no longer need to travel to an exam.
  • Eco friendly.
  • Less carbon footprint.
  • Less stage fright.
  • No need to book an exam.
  • Exams marked and returned as early as 24 hours later.
  • A chance for teachers, schools, hubs and music organisations to earn money back from their own
  • Instrument specific examiners.
  • Sight-reading, aural tests, theory exams, improvisation, performance pieces are all available with our technology.
  • Technology licensing also available to use
    on your own platform where possible.


We work with you to create or prepare your courses with the aim of getting them accredited. We will then add your exams to the courses to our online platform. We offer graded exams, tiered exams and modular exams.

We are passionate about improving accessibility and affordability to students who wish to gain a qualification in music.

Next Step

Check out the link to our automated examiner SARA who takes your students through their exams, asks them the questions and then sends the completed exams to real examiners to mark. We are currently operating in over 98 countries worldwide and are able to offer, and have been offering, UK and EU government-accredited courses and exams to students for free in countries where this was impossible before.

Help us to help more students get accredited for less and empower teachers, schools and music
organisations who wish to do the same.

About the Provider

Online Music Exams

We want to offer more people around the world the opportunity to attain accredited music qualifications, so they can become the musician they want to be.