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OHMI Connect

Added to website 19/03/2024.

OHMI Connect is designed to help disabled musicians find the adapted instruments and enabling equipment best suited to their needs. The website provides two entries into support: a search for instruments based on a musician’s impairment; and a search for options relating to a particular instrument.

The OHMI Connect process is a simple one. Users follow a series of questions about their hand or arm weakness, difference, restriction or absence, and the steps that follow will be determined by the answers given:

  • Opting for the Upper Limb Weakness route will ask which side of the body has the weakness – left, right or both?
  • Opting for the Upper limb/ digit difference/ absence route will ask more detailed questions about the impairment such as whether it relates to the whole of the arm, forearm or digits.
  • Opting for the Upper Limb restriction route will ask the same detailed questions about the impairment, with a further option to select any restrictions to the elbow or wrist.

Once the option that best reflects the musician’s condition has been selected, a list of suitable adapted instruments is provided, including instrument that can be played left- or right-handed, or enabling equipment such as floor stands, support straps and bow holders. Each option will list how to find out more, whether it be a link to the OHMI Hire Scheme, a video demonstrating the instrument or equipment, or a link to another information source.

Alternatively, the ‘Show me specific instruments’ option on the home page provides the full list of instruments and enabling equipment, without the need to apply any filters.

About the Provider

The OHMI Trust

The OHMI Trust is a charity that seeks to enable full participation in musical life for people of all ages with an upper limb impairment, through the use of adapted musical instruments and supportive apparatus.