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NAME Publications

Added to website 19/04/2021. Updated 30/08/2023.

Digitised PDF copies of publications from the National Association of Music Educators (NAME), available for Members of Music Mark.

PDF copies of the following publications from the National Association of Music Educators (NAME) are available in this resource:

  • Bluebirds and Crows: Developing a Singing Culture In and Out of School (2003)
  • Rites of Passage: Effective transition and curriculum continuity in music education (2005)
  • No Need for Words: Special Needs in Music Education (2006)
  • Ways into Music: Making Every Child’s Music Matter (2007)
  • Music and the Power of Partnerships  (2008)
  • Sound Progress: Exploring Musical Development (2009)
  • Whose Music Education is it? The Role of the Student Voice (2010)
  • Musical Pathways (2011)
  • Listen Out: International perspectives on music education (2012)
  • NAME Information Bulletins:
    • No. 1/03 – Music Accommodation in Music Education
    • No. 1/04 – Artists in School: Developing Effective Partnerships
    • No. 1/05 – What use is music?
    • No. 1/06 – Self-evaluation: Checklist for the music audit
    • No. 1/07 – Notes for governors: music in schools
    • No. 1/08 – Assessment in music education: Questions and answers
    • No. 1/09 – Music education update: Your guide to recent developments
    • No. 1/10 – Music across the curriculum

If there are any other publications you would find particularly useful, please get in touch and we will look into the possibility of making an electronic copy available.

About the Provider

The National Association of Music Educators

The National Association of Music Educators was a professional network with key links to government and educational bodies.