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MyMusicPB – the online, interactive Music Practice Book

What it is

• MyMusicPB is an online, easy-to-use, interactive student practice book, linked to an all-in-one, free music teacher’s management tool supporting organised and efficient learning.

Who is it for

• Vocal and Instrumental music teachers, their students, parents, schools and music services providers.
• All ages and abilities.
• Group and individual lessons.

What it does

• Creates interactive links between all stakeholders in vocal and instrumental music learning.
• Manages all the teacher’s lesson needs, including planning, assessing, note keeping, scheduling and communications, while allowing the flexibility to edit and compliment your unique teaching style.
• Supports group and individual lessons.
• Students and parents log into a clear, easy-to-read, interactive practice book. Read practice notes set by the teacher, take notes, leave messages, tick their practice log, access weekly practice tips and interesting music facts and earn motivating e-rewards.
• Practice log and weekly lesson assessment create a unique, weekly Progress Bar © to view.
• Keeps parents informed by automatically sending the student’s practice focus and messages by email to the parent, including lesson time reminders and change of lesson time notifications.
• Offers schools and music services admin access to help support their teachers and students.


• Engaged, motivated students, practising efficiently and making enjoyable progress.
• Strengthens the links between all stakeholders.
• Parents more informed to support their child’s progress.
• Improved communication leads to improved attendance in lessons held at school
• More informed teachers, supporting efficient teaching.
• Easier to manage group lessons.
• More time for playing in the lessons.
• Increased teaching hours, as students are less likely to give up.
• Safe, secure, encrypted data protection supporting GDPR requirements.

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About the Provider


The online, interactive music practice book. Creating effective links in supporting efficient teaching, informed parents and engaged students, leading to more practice, progress and enjoyment.