DfE's consultation on the National Plan for Music Education and a report on a meeting of members of the Music Education Sector about the future of the National Plan for Music Education." />
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Music Mark’s guide to completing the National Plan for Music Education Consultation

This document is a guide to answering the questions within the consultation – Please note that this guide is provided to help with a response, Music Mark would encourage its Membership and their partners, parents and young people to respond individually and to give examples relevant to their own situation and understanding of the state of Music Education in England and the way in which Government might refresh their National Plan for Music Education to ‘promote equal music opportunities’.  The actual questions are in black, with Music Mark comments and advice in blue.

On the  24th February 2020 a group of CEOs and senior managers from across the Music Education and Industry met together to discuss the key points they felt should be considered as the ‘refresh’ of the National Plan for Music Education begins to move forward. The meeting, facilitated by Music Mark, pulled together, through a consensus workshop, a set of 11 key areas that were thought to be of particular importance. The report from the meeting is below.

The consultation can be found here.

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