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Music Curriculum Insights for Primary and Secondary Teachers and Leaders

Developed in response to requests from the schools to share the subject specific training received by our Ofsted inspectors, this webinar explains what it means to get better at music.

This music webinar explains what it means to get better in the subject. This is based on the conception of quality set out in the music research review. It includes separate sections on primary and secondary.

The key principles are drawn from research that aligns with the evidence underpinning the education inspection framework (EIF).

Watch this video for insights into how you can consider what the principles might mean for your curriculums.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 03:31 Music principles
  • 32:11 Implications for pedagogy and assessment
  • 42: 18 Translating principles in primary and secondary phases: introduction
  • 46:05 Translating principles: early years
  • 47:13 Translating principles: primary
  • 52:28 Translating principles: secondary

About the Provider


Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills.