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MIDAS – Music Improvement, Development and Support


Sefton Music Education Partnership & Knowsley Music Education Hub developed a self-assessment tool designed to facilitate the School Music Development Meetings in response to Ofsted’s “Music in Schools – What Hubs Must Do” report.

The document and intended visits:


1. To help schools evaluate their musical provision accurately, and plan for its development.
2. To provide access to targeted follow-on support on a bespoke basis for each school, based on their own areas for development.


1. A set of bespoke music development recommendations drawn up in partnership between the Hub practitioner and the school.
2. An offer of follow-on support from Sefton and Knowsley Music Hubs in order to address these recommendations.
3. For Senior Leaders: A greater understanding of best practice in music, and more accuracy in appraising music in their schools.
Sefton Music Education Partnership & Knowsley Music Education Hub are delighted to share their approach to evaluating and developing music in schools and hope it will be a useful tool for other colleagues.

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